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GPS guided multimedia walks & trails
for enjoyment, wellbeing and in aid of charity

created by EduTechWyse

Discovery Walks
in aid of Charity

12 great Discovery walks to raise money for Alzheimer's Research, Devon Air Ambulance, Duke of Edinburg's Award and the Field Studies Council (FSC). The walks are located in South Devon and the Cotswolds. The GPS guided walks are led by virtual guides who provide you with some fun and interesting facts facts about the location's history & nature as you progress along the walk.

All walks are free to use and there is no obligation to donate, but it would be great if you could!

'Buster the bear' guided trails
in aid of charity

20 GPS guided trails to raise money for charity (see next page). The trails are located in South Devon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. The GPS guided trails are led by Buster the bear with some of his friends from the Rocky mountains. He provides you with some fun and interesting facts facts as you progress along the trail.

Peter's (and and all being well Lin's) challenge for 2022 is
1000km, 50 new walks/trails and keep enhancing the Walkwyse web app

Alzheimer's Research
Peter & Lin
In 2022 Lin & Peter have each walked 189.5km to 1/3/2022.

Introduction to Walkwyse

EduTechWyse Ltd is a not for profit company, set up by Peter Horne, which is responsible for the development and support of the Walkwyse webapp and its aim of raising money for charity.

The Walkwyse web app is a great way to enjoy a self guided walk using your mobile phone, with GPS guidance and multimedia stories making an interesting walk even more enjoyable. Walking is a natural way to get the exercise we all need as well as being extremely important for mental health.

In 2019 his wife, Lin, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the one thing she enjoys the most is walking, as does Peter. So creating a website for walkers, which anyone with a smart phone can access, seemed an obvious thing to do as a means of raising money for Alzheimer's Research.

As a technologist he has always been interested in seeing how technology can be applied to every day life. Having also trained as a guide at the National Arboretum at Westonbirt in 2018, he was well versed in leading walkers around a trail and providing them with fascinating facts about nature and history. During Covid lockdowns (when guiding was not possible at Westonbirt) he set about the challenge of converting this knowledge into brief audio/visual stories which could be GPS triggered at relevant locations around a walk with a webapp. Thus Walkwyse was born!

The charities which EduTechWyse supports are Alzheimer’s research, Alzheimer's Society, Parkinson’s, Devon Air Ambulance, Field Studies Council (FSC), Devon Wildlife Trust and Children In Need. Lin & Peter are keen to support both education in the outdoors for the younger generation as well as help fund research to find cures for some of the devastating diseases of age.

Enjoy the walks and give generously to the supported charity.

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